Cut down on losses with Sentry

Revolutionize the way you manage your DeFi investments with our cutting-edge financial monitoring agent. Seamlessly integrated via our robust API or the intuitive Sentry platform, it guarantees precise, real-time oversight of your assets.

  • Asset Management Metrics

    Rely on enterprise-grade metrics to identify potential DeFi risks, limit exposure, and anticipate market fluctuations effectively. These metrics empower you to navigate the DeFi landscape with greater confidence and security.

  • Real-Time Alerting

    Our alert system is intrinsically designed to send notifications the second a variation occurs on a block timescale.

  • Hand-Free setup

    Simply configure the address you want to monitor, and Sentry will handle the rest. It will automatically fetch and continuously update a comprehensive set of metrics tailored to your holdings.By providing Sentry with the addresses and metrics' thresholds, you'll always have the latest data at your fingertips.

  • Automated Incident Response

    Implement automated transactions based on predefined risk policies. Configure automated movements of funds for proactive management and protection of your assets.

  • Seamless Integration

    Sentry is natively designed for seamless integration, delivering alerts as close as possible to your decision-making process, whether in custodians, portfolio management systems, or wallet providers.

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