Customer Data Analytics for Web3

Self-serve analytics platform gathering data from contracts and users to understand them, drive conversions, and increase retention, growth and revenue.

Built for Product & Marketing teams

Empower each team member with one platform providing enriched analytics and accurate data.

  • Measure cohorts' behavior

    Improve retention by analyzing users' profiles, habits and loyalty.

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  • Analyse-on-chain metrics

    Track KPIs such as penetration rate, LTV, and churn rate, highlight organic traffic.

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  • Understand communities

    Segment users and discover outliers to deliver a personalized experience.

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  • Write your own queries

    Get an unlimited access to your data through simple SQL and exports.

    2  SUM(usd_amount) AS amount, 
    3  from_address 
    5  my_contract_event.stacked
    6GROUP BY 
    7  from_address
    8ORDER BY 
    9  amount DESC

Aleno's Team

Antoine Vales portrait

Antoine Vales

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Office

Graduated from La Sorbonne as Data-Scientist Former AI Project Manager at the Banque de France

Angelo Canesso portrait

Angelo Canesso

Co-Founder & Chief Technical Officer

Graduated from Ecole Polytechnique as Data-Scientist Work experience as Data Scientist at BMW

Vincent Martin portrait

Vincent Martin

Co-Founder & Head of Engineering

Graduated from CentraleSupelec as Engineer Work experience as FullStack Dev at Sipios

About us

Aleno does all the work. Your contracts and users' on-chain data is extracted, cleaned, enriched, labeled, and analyzed. You can quickly make decisions without hiring a dedicated team, personalize UX and improve retention.
Each company has its business logic and KPIs to monitor its success. Self-service platforms allow offering a wide range of analytics and metrics to quickly get actionable on-chain insights while allowing each business team to build its dashboard and report.
We extract and decode events from desired smart contracts, extract all related transfers, and sync all transactions and transfers of its users. We provide users balances, transfers are priced, and most users' and external contracts are labeled.
Configure the suited contracts and launch extraction. Contextualize by weighing the users, setting label thresholds, and defining contract relations. Analyze, and design your dashboards or query useful data.
Our data-driven solution helps our customers to make enlightened decisions and put the lights on their way to building a successful Web3 business.
Aleno works as a traditional SaaS; there is no token coming. However, we plan to accept token payments.

What Clients Say

What’s the feed backs of our first clients ?

Aleno's reports spare us from hiring extra data analysts to monitor our smart-contracts KPIs. Their analytics are easy to interpret with powerful insights.

Paul's portrait



Morpho Labs

Insightful Analytics! Aleno helped us get an overview of our member loyalty and longevity as we continue to build our Web3 community.

Matt's portrait


Project Lead

UniWhales DAO

The reports built by Aleno provide valuable real-time on-chain insights. It’s a powerful tool to analyze product usage, identify trends and opportunities.

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Customer Data Analytics for Web3