Assisting DeFi Asset Managers on their Investment Journey

Aleno is a DeFi-Native asset servicing company offering services to defi asset managers, treasury managers, on-chain companies, and institutions.

Our Solutions

Optimize Your Digital Asset Management Strategies with Our Institutional-Grade Tools

1. Due Diligence

Streamline regulatory compliance by swiftly validating wallet holdings and historical transactions.

2. Monitoring

Boost your profitability and lower your risk exposure. Monitor your positions, tokens, pools and protocol in real-time to detect opportunities and avoid financial threats.

3. Reporting

Comprehensive reports that trace the entire investment life cycle, covering asset movements, associated risks, and portfolio performance.

Minimize Risk, Maximize Opportunities

We address the volatile crypto space through a unique, data-driven approach. Our solution offers blazing-fast alerting mechanisms and real-time data feeds, automatically tailored to your portfolio, to preempt threats and understand on-chain activities and financial movements.

  • Liquidity aggregator

    Monitor aggregated on-chain liquidity for a given asset, and receive alerts on significant changes or transactions with significant volume.

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  • Supply changes

    Track real-time fluctuations in asset supply. Get instant alerts for significant minting or burning events.

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  • Imbalance detection

    Continuously monitor asset ratios in liquidity pools. Receive immediate notifications for potential de-pegging events or imbalances that could impact market stability.

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  • More ...

    Configure custom alerting feeds tailored to specific metrics. Adjust sensitivity through user-defined thresholds. Implement Circuit breakers ...

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The Backbone of Institutional-Grade On-Chain Analytics

In a strategic partnership with Kaiko, we co-developed a groundbreaking product aimed at businesses, regulators, and auditors. This tool stands as the industry standard for detailed and precise blockchain transaction analysis.

Key Features

In-Depth Data

Providing an account-like description of token holdings for every blockchain wallet.

Historical Context

Data tracing back to the blockchain’s genesis, updated daily in CSV format.

Financial Clarity

Wallet balances are represented in USD for straightforward financial analysis.

Critical Use-Cases

Proof of Reserves

Validate and monitor exchange wallet flows, ensuring transparency and regulatory compliance.

Fraud and Manipulation Detection

Identify suspicious transaction patterns, especially within DeFi protocols, to mitigate risks.

Due Diligence and KYC

Streamline compliance by swiftly validating wallet holdings and historical transactions.

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