Ensuring a Safe and Secure journey in DeFi

Aleno develops entreprise-grade tools to help control risk and avoid financial threats in DeFi.

Aleno's Team

Antoine Vales portrait

Antoine Vales

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Office

Graduated from La Sorbonne as Data-Scientist Former AI Project Manager at the Banque de France

Angelo Canesso portrait

Angelo Canesso

Co-Founder & Chief Technical Officer

Graduated from Ecole Polytechnique as Data-Scientist Work experience as Data Scientist at BMW

Vincent Martin portrait

Vincent Martin

Co-Founder & Head of Engineering

Graduated from CentraleSupelec as Engineer Work experience as FullStack Dev at Sipios


Designed with asset managers and DeFi-native investors in mind, Sentry ensures that you have the tools needed to effectively oversee and safeguard your investments.
Sentry offers real-time monitoring that continuously updates and fetches metrics tailored to your holdings. It allows you to define personalized risk profiles and receive alerts based on your specific parameters, provides real-time alerts about potentially harmful financial activities, and facilitates automated transactions based on predefined risk policies.
Sentry is ideal for asset managers investor looking for effective tools to oversee and safeguard investments, high net worth DeFi seeking to manage their on-chain assets efficiently, wallet providers who want to enhance their platform with real-time risk monitoring and alerts, portfolio management systems looking to embed comprehensive metrics and risk policies, and custodians interested in monitoring and safeguarding client assets with added security.
Sentry provides custom-tailored alerts about potentially harmful financial activities, changes in key financial metrics, and deviations from your defined risk profiles. Check our docs for more details.
We are currently in a closed beta phase, collaborating exclusively with selected partners. For opportunities to become part of our elite user group and contribute to product refinement, please reach out directly.
Aleno began by collaborating with professional asset managers to develop an optimal product. However, our vision extends far beyond these initial partnerships. We are committed to democratizing risk monitoring tools in DeFi to enhance the overall landscape. Our goal is to enable every individual address to bolster its financial security, thereby significantly reducing losses across the board.
We currently extend support for Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, and Arbitrum, with plans to further diversify our platform compatibility in the near future.
Absolutely. Enterprises and institutions can directly access our raw data streams for specialized integration. For comprehensive guidelines, consult our Documentation.

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